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Leading the way in badge technology and applications for 25 years.

Our Mission

It is our mission to be the vendor of choice to professional and trade associations to provide their badge printing, attendee tracking and reporting, as well as exhibitor lead retrieval.

About Us

Hightech Knowledge is your best-in-class choice for badge printing, exhibitor lead retrieval, attendee tracking and continuing education tracking and fulfillment. We leverage the latest and greatest technology that meets your needs and financial constraints. Our most popular systems utilize 1-dimensional barcodes, 2-dimensional barcodes, QR code and PDF-417, and radio frequency identification (RFID)!

Company Overview

  • Corporate focus on portable, networked MS Windows Database for Onsite Badge Printing at Conferences and Tradeshows
  • Credentials Produced on Card Embossers and Industrial Barcode Printers (Zebra and Sato)
  • Benefit: Badges with Barcodes created using PCs without the need for Expensive Software Licenses

  • First Company to Offer Barcoded Badges to be Printed with PCs and Conventional Laser Printers
  • Expanded our Offering to Include Magstripe Cards and Smart Cards
  • Scaled our Portable Database to MS SQL Server running on Laptop PCs
  • Offered Barcode Tools for clients to add Barcodes to their Existing Association Management Systems
  • Benefit: Expensive Barcode Printers not Necessary to print Barcoded Badges. Badges could be printed virtually anywhere without the need for special paper or printers

  • Developed the First Lead Retrieval / Session Tracking Scanner to be based on the Palm Pilot type Handheld Device
  • Developed Software to allow Barcoded Badge Printing from Apple/MAC computers

  • Developed the RF-Badge with Dietze Enterprises
  • Benefit: Badges without Barcodes have More Space available for Printed Information. Badges are Printed and Encoded with RFID Information at the same time.

  • First Company to provide an RIFD solution at a Conference
  • First Company to  Provide a Combination 2-D Barcode/RFID Badge (written up in EXPO! Magazine)
  • Designed and Offered the TechScan Line of Scanners for Lead Retrieval and Session Attendance Tracking
  • Mr. Karl Ludwig started making Presentations at Industry Meetings on RFID and Badge Technology

  • Continued Product Improvements in Badge Printing and Session Tracking
  • Offered Networked/Real Time Session Tracking
  • Benefit: Attendees could be located at their last Scanned-in Location.
  • Benefit: Software Automatically Prevents Attendees from receiving Attendance Credit for Simultaneous Sessions
  • Benefit: Accurate Attendance Certificates can be Produced Onsite

  • Refined our PC based Session Tracking System to include 1-D Barcodes, 2-D Barcodes and RFID Badges
  • Added the Ability for Attendees to Check-in Themselves and Print their Badge.
  • Benefit: Modular Design Approach Reduces End Cost of Session Attendance Tracking for Clients, while Providing Technology Options
  • Benefit: Fewer Onsite Staff Needed for Registration

  • Developed a Simplified User Interface so that clients could Operate our Session Tracking System without Onsite Technical Support
  • Benefit: Cost Savings for Onsite Technical Support
  • Offered Smart Phone / Tablet Based Lead Retrieval
  • Results: This option was not very popular. Issues were:
      Attendee Data Security on Corporate Devices
      Attendee Data Security on Personal Devices
      Burden to Manually Enter ID Numbers
      Difficulty in Aiming/ Focusing the Camera on the Barcode which Distracted from Sales/Qualification Conversation
      Device Operation Required BOTH hands
      Interruption of the Lead Collection Process if there are any Incoming Calls, Text Messages, or other Notifications
      Expo Hall Venue often has Poor Cellular Reception


  • Fielded our Scan-N-Grab Badge Printing System that Scans a Registration Confirmation Barcode then Automatically Prints and Cuts the Badge.
  • Benefit: VERY Quick Processing of Attendees through Onsite Check-in Registration Lines
  • Benefit: Fewer Onsite Staff Needed for Registration


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